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Fall Coho Salmon Fishing

Fall Chinook and Coho salmon fishing is a favorite time of the year for us. The seasons are starting to change and the big fish are moving up the river. The early fall season in southern Oregon has many cool mornings with warm and dry days. The water is clear and clean and the fish are eager to bite. We start our fall fishing on the Umpqua River in September and October. It is not uncommon to catch 4 or 5 species of fish in the same day this time of year. We target the salmon but there are still biting bass, steelhead, and some incidental sea run cutthroat trout that are hooked in a day of casting and retrieving spinners and plugs. Casting and retrieving lures is a very hands-on technique that most fishermen love to do.

Season: September through November
Peak season: Last week of September through the first week of November


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